Cat/Small Dog Space Capsule Backpack Carrier


An easy and convenient way to take your furry friend around with you, while giving them a full view of the outside.



This high quality, breathable, space capsule, astronaut bubble, travel backpack, is a perfect way to carry your pet with you.  Made with all Eco-Friendly material, this gorgeous pet carrier is also designed with high-quality PC + Oxford material which is very firm, long-lasting and durable.  The transparent cover is made with high-density PMMA with high light transmittance and is anti-scratch, so even they, won’t be able to obstruct their view of the outside.
Nine-hole design for better air permeability. The Oxford cloth material is safe and non-toxic so there is no need to worry about damage done by clawing or gnawing.  Air from the outside is allowed to flow and circulate freely to ensure your pet’s comfort.  The air mesh back allows even more air to flow freely. The wider shoulder straps can relieve any pressure from the backpack while effectively increasing your comfort level.  Rubber handheld features make travel even easier. 
The semi-sphere design of the window provides an external hemispherical transparent venting cover which helps to relieve any anxiety of your pet.  This allows your pets to enjoy the sun and the scenery with you while being able to interact with the outside world.  A built-in safety lock prevents pets from running away or getting lost when they open the bag. This backpack can be carried either on the back or in front of the body.
Suitable for most species of cats and Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranian dogs, Maltese dogs,  Papillon, Pugs, and other small animals
Brand Name: MicroPlush
Closure Type: zipper
Type: Cats/small dogs
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Breathable, Windproof
Material: Polyester, PC, Acrylic, and Oxford
Size: M
Measurements: 13in x 10in x 17in 
Pattern: Pokemonball
Cat/Dog Carrier: Cat/Dog Backpack

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