Coronavirus Important Updates

The Coronavirus is now a Pandemic


Items like facial masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, and activated carbon replacement filters are in high demand. Many of the major stores and online shopping sites like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and others have sold out. These items can still be purchased from However, supplies are limited, so be sure to get yours now. Protect yourself from the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus has now been declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO)

So, what is the difference between an Epidemic and a Pandemic? An Epidemic is when a disease or virus affects many persons at the same time and spreads from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent. It is more or less confined to a specific region or community.

Compared to an Epidemic Disease, a Pandemic Disease is an epidemic that has spread over a large area, that is, it has become prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or even the whole world.

The world was caught off guard when this virus struck. The first case was said to have been discovered in Wuhan China in December 2019. On March 11th, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO), declared the COVID-19 Coronavirus a PANDEMIC. None of us are immune. However, there are things that we can do to protect ourselves and our family members, (especially the most vulnerable among us) from contracting the disease. There are maps on WHO’s website, showing how rapidly this disease is spreading, and though it is being studied by Scientists and Medical Professionals worldwide, there is still very little known about it.

According to the CDC, there is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus, 2019 (COVID-19). The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

Now, here are some important tips to help keep you safe from the COVID-19 Coronavirus

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and use hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol.
  2. Wear PM2.5 N95 face Mask fitted with Carbon Activated Filters when away from home. Filters should be changed weekly.
  3. Wear disposable nitrile gloves when away from home.
  4. Keep windows in your home and vehicles open rather than using air-conditioners. This helps to circulate clean fresh air throughout.
  5. If the virus has reached your city or country, it is best to keep your small children at home and work from home if you can. Do not take your kids with you when going out. Kids have a tendency of touching everything they pass.
  6. Avoid large gatherings and public places as much as possible. If you can, prepare your food at home rather than eating out. Stock up on necessities like bottled water, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, etc.
  7. Where possible, avoid public transportation like buses, trains, and taxi cabs. If you don’t have private transportation, walk where you can, when you can.
  8. Keep hands from your face, and stress the importance of this to your kids and loved ones.
  9. If you or other family members become ill, as best you can, separate them from the rest of the family. Maybe in spare bedroom until you can get proper medical attention.
  10. In public places, use napkins or gloved hands to open doors, and discard after each use. Do Not open doors with clothing like shirt sleeves or towels which you will take back home with you.
  11. When shopping for supplies and groceries, be careful because you do not know who has already touched the items you are about to touch and purchase. Even fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly and peel what you can before eating. Canned items, try letting them sit in warm to hot water of about 70degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes.
  12. Keep lots of disposable towels and napkins on hand for use, especially in public places.
  13. Change disposable gloves often, especially before returning home if you were out.
  14. Consume foods and drinks that would strengthen your immune system, like lots of garlic, onions, citrus, etc.
  15. Try to spend some time in the sun, each day.
  16. No government was prepared for this. Many still aren’t, so we as individuals and individual families MUST do what we can to protect ourselves and our family members without relying too heavily on the government.
  17. This disease/virus is spreading like a wildfire and there seems to be no stopping it now, so remember, life is more precious and more valuable than money. Be smart, be vigilant, be careful.
  18. Try to remain calm at all times. Do not panic. Relax, take a deep breathe and reassess. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Better safe than sorry.”

For information about handwashing, see CDC’s Handwashing website at

Learn more at the CDC website;

Here is a link to some additional tips from the Center For Disease Control (CDC)

If you have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus, the following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure: Fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Contact to your nearest medical facility for advice and instructions.

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    Surely a great article, the best advice I have ever received. I Just received my order of the anti-coronavirus kit a few days ago. High quality products. Thank You!

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